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LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE > Class Template Reference

Just like MPIIOWriter, this class will generate snapshots of the simulation for checkpoint/restart capabilities. More...

#include <parallelmpiiowriter.h>

Inherits Clonable< ParallelWriter< CELL_TYPE >, ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE > >.

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Public Types

typedef ParallelWriter
< CELL_TYPE >::GridType 
< CELL_TYPE >::Value 

Public Member Functions

 ParallelMPIIOWriter (const std::string &prefix, const unsigned period, const unsigned maxSteps, const MPI_Comm &communicator=MPI_COMM_WORLD)
virtual void stepFinished (const GridType &grid, const Region< Topology::DIM > &validRegion, const Coord< Topology::DIM > &globalDimensions, unsigned step, WriterEvent event, std::size_t rank, bool lastCall)

Static Public Attributes

static const int DIM = Topology::DIM

Private Member Functions

std::string filename (unsigned step) const

Private Attributes

unsigned maxSteps
MPI_Comm comm


class ParallelMPIIOWriterTest

Detailed Description

template<typename CELL_TYPE>
class LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >

Just like MPIIOWriter, this class will generate snapshots of the simulation for checkpoint/restart capabilities.

Use this class for parallel runs. Consider MPIIOInitializer for restarting from a snapshot.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename CELL_TYPE >
typedef ParallelWriter<CELL_TYPE>::GridType LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::GridType
template<typename CELL_TYPE >
typedef APITraits::SelectTopology<CELL_TYPE>::Value LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::Topology

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename CELL_TYPE >
LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::ParallelMPIIOWriter ( const std::string &  prefix,
const unsigned  period,
const unsigned  maxSteps,
const MPI_Comm &  communicator = MPI_COMM_WORLD 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename CELL_TYPE >
std::string LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::filename ( unsigned  step  )  const [inline, private]
template<typename CELL_TYPE >
virtual void LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::stepFinished ( const GridType grid,
const Region< Topology::DIM > &  validRegion,
const Coord< Topology::DIM > &  globalDimensions,
unsigned  step,
WriterEvent  event,
std::size_t  rank,
bool  lastCall 
) [inline, virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<typename CELL_TYPE >
friend class ParallelMPIIOWriterTest [friend]

Member Data Documentation

template<typename CELL_TYPE >
MPI_Comm LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::comm [private]
template<typename CELL_TYPE >
const int LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::DIM = Topology::DIM [static]
template<typename CELL_TYPE >
unsigned LibGeoDecomp::ParallelMPIIOWriter< CELL_TYPE >::maxSteps [private]

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