Everything looks so different now, and yet the same. It all started with me just wanting to add a secondary nav bar, which appeared to be so simple... and turned out to be so complicated. The Twitter folks at Bootstrap have an elegant solution, but for this I had to update my Bootstrap installation first. The new release comes with a 12-column layout, which is a welcome change from the old 16-column layout I had been using. So I had to patch all pages. Not hard, but annoying. Needless to say that the update broke my manual CSS overrides. That took some fiddling to recover the original front page style. However, all should be well now. Or even better: the new menu bar collapses on small screens to save space and the new Bootstrap installation is optimized for size, so pages should load a tad faster.

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last modified: Wed Oct 26 16:51:19 2016 +0200