The future of scientific computing begins today. At least according to Back to the Future. And I have to agree. Today we release LibGeoDecomp 0.1.0. Consider it beta software: it already does a good job in most cases, but be warned that there may still be some rough edges here and there.




  • LGPLv3: free, open source software, business compatible
  • parallelization via MPI -- scales to thousands of cores
  • accelerator offloading (currently Nvidia CUDA only)
  • competitive performance
  • multiphysics (wrapping multiple models in a single class is easy)
  • dynamic load balancing
  • customizable domain decomposition techniques
  • latency hiding via
    • wide ghostzones (ghostzones of width k require synchronization only every kth timestep)
    • overlapping communication and computation
  • experimental support for gridless/meshfree codes (e.g. finite element method)
  • parallel I/O
  • application level checkpoint/restart
  • visualization via VisIt
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