The scene is headed to SLC, and so are we. There will be two oppotunities to learn about LibGeoDecomp: we'll give a talk at the SC12 workshop WOLFHPC and -- even more exitingly -- LSU will host a demo which we've put together with our colleagues from the STE||AR Group.

The presentation at WOLFHPC will focus on our upcoming zero-overhead interfaces and Struct of Arrays codes. We expect these optimizations to yield significant performance gains (in the order of 50%) for complex simulation models. The demo at LSU's booth #607 will focus on the new HPX backend that Thomas Heller has been developing. HPX is an AGAS (Active Global Address Space) parallel computing language. It offers some answers to problems which are mostly open questions for MPI, e.g. dynamic, application-agnostic node addition/eviction.

Don't miss the demo, it's going to be a piece of art!

Starry Night, animated

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